Are you ready for the cloud? 

A surveyors guide to the future of 3D laser scanning. 

The cloud has systematically transformed worklife and IT infrastructure across the economy. Until now, surveying has remained relatively untouched. But this is going to change — and the transition is likely to happen faster than you realise.

Our FREE guide to cloud-based processing, created with surveyors in mind, provides practical guidance, tips, tricks and steps to keep you ahead of the curve and ready to embrace the future of laser scanning. 

The cloud is coming. Are you ready for it?


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Cloud readiness cheat sheet

Success in the cloud and the future of surveying depends on knowledge. Preparedness means investing in the right tools today, and changing your workflows to match the new technological possibilities.

Picking the right tools for the job

Make the right technological choices across all categories including: cloud infrastructure, point cloud processing software, modelling software and laser scanning hardware.

Updating your workflow

Technology is great. But the real benefits come down to transforming how we do things.