The Ultimate Guide to BIM

Everything you need to know about BIM (Building Information Modelling) to bring your designs into the 21st century

BIM is not quite as complicated as it seems, but it is becoming more important. Effectively a technology, technique and process combined into one small abbreviation; BIM is poised to disrupt any number of professions that handle mapping and planning in physical space — construction, renovations, project management, manufacturing and more. 

In this FREE guide to BIM, you'll find practical guidance, tips, tricks and steps on how to start improving construction workflows today and deliver the highest levels of quality assurance using point cloud to BIM technology.

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UK BIM Regulations

The most important things to grasp about BIM are the impacts on processes and design. However, it is also important to understand some of the terminology and the developing requirements for the use of digital tools in construction.

The best types of BIM software

BIM is much more than software, it is a process. But, it is a process enabled by technology, and software solutions sit at the heart of that technological change. To engage with BIM, you need to understand the types of BIM software that make these improvements possible.

The Future of BIM

You always arrive in the future with the tools you developed in the past. Nothing remains static for long, technology least of all. Making the most out of BIM is about getting ahead of the curve.