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How firms are using Vercator to enhance their point cloud workflows - Case Studies

By Charles Thomson
February 17, 2022
Recent case studies that show ways companies have used Vercator cloud to achieve significant productivity gains and freedom from manual desktop limitations

One of the most rewarding things about developing innovative point cloud processing software for the Vercator® cloud is seeing the ways in which it adds value to our customers. Usually this happens in a way in which the system has been designed but sometimes a customer can find value in an unexpected way or through a completely different workflow than our product team expects.

We see use cases from a diverse range of industries, a testament to the penetration of 3D data capture for real world digitisation. Those industries that we see using laser scan data include: surveying, visual effects, mining, manufacturing, construction & engineering sectors.

Given this market, this blog post highlights three of our recent case studies that show different ways that companies have leveraged the power of Vercator’s cloud processing to achieve new desired workflows, significant productivity gains and freedom from manual desktop limitations.

3 Vercator Case Studies

A selection of case studies that demonstrate how users gain value from using the Vercator cloud in their workflows.

Kidd Operations, Glencore
Automating Hybrid Registration For the World’s Deepest Zinc-Copper Mine

The Vercator cloud was built to automate exactly this issue. By utilising the power of cloud computing it offers distributed point cloud processing to users wherever they are in the world. Kidd Operations immediately saw the benefits of the Vercator cloud in their initial trial and suggested a couple of key enhancements to enable their process of registering hybrid mobile and static data from natural tunnel environments – a challenging data type.

Despite the many outlined challenges in the data itself, the enhanced Vercator algorithm easily aligned these data sets. Kidd Operations benefited from its relationship with Correvate; as a research-intensive start-up. Correvate were able to apply that research into the Vercator commercial product in a short-time frame, ultimately providing Kidd Operations a market-leading workflow.

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Omega Geomatics
Achieving an 80% productivity gain with Vercator Cloud Registration

Before looking at investing in new equipment mid-2021, Omega was curious to see if they could prolong the life of their existing fleet of Laser Scanners using existing software in the market to improve productivity. The intention was to allow major cost savings in the annual budget for investment into other areas of the business. They initiated an R&D project with the intention of presenting the findings to their senior management team for a review before implementation of the new system, if it could be proved to provide cost and time savings.


From Omega’s first successful pilot it was clear that there were cost & productivity savings by using Vercator, and Omega would be able to continue to use their existing scanners without upgrading to newer models. These savings are scalable relevant to the size of a scanning project. The larger the project, the greater the cost savings achieved.

The time saving on this project’s office time was around 83%. This was a significant productivity saving and after several supervised tests the software is now in full use after sustained results.

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Doxel, Inc
Converting Scan Data at Scale with the Vercator Cloud API

Point cloud data can come in a range of different formats with different specifications and which were developed for different usages. As part of Doxel’s processing workflow they needed to convert the point cloud data captured into common formats that were required for their workflow. Due to the highly automated workflows that they use, this needed to be done without user intervention.

By integrating with the Vercator API, it meant that Doxel could concentrate their development resources on their core competencies in construction progress analytics while relying on Vercator services to provide a point cloud processing sub-system in their process.

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