Boost Revenue from your Registration Workflow

The world of surveying is undergoing a transformation. Gone are the days of isolated laser scan data collection and manual...

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Topics: automatic registration, processing software, Point Cloud Registration

Boost Productivity with Cloud-Based Point Cloud Registration

Point cloud data holds great potential for many applications in surveying and modelling. However, processing these point clouds,...

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Unlock the potential of NavVis data with Vercator

NavVis and Vercator are both leaders in their spatial data fields, offering cutting edge solutions that serve different purposes...

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Topics: Case Studies, geospatial, scanning devices

Road Condition Monitoring:  Pothole Detection with AI

Roads & highways need to be maintained for safety and reliability for the traffic that use them. They represent important...

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Topics: geospatial, object recognition, geometry detection

Rail Gauging and Vegetation Management with AI from Point Clouds

Rail Vegetation Management & Maintenance

All railway and railroad infrastructure managers must be content that their railway...

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Topics: object recognition, LiDAR, Vercator

Using AI for Power Line Vegetation Management

Managing Electric Power Lines

Electricity is one of the big three components of energy production, along with transportation and...

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Topics: Case Studies, pointcloud, facility management

Point Cloud Classification for Rail Asset Management

Rail systems are increasing their focus on digitisation; the UK rail industry is refreshing its rail strategy, with one of the...

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Topics: Case Studies, LiDAR, point clouds

How to unlock the value of point cloud data with AI and automation

Point clouds offer competitive advantages across industries but, up until now, manual classification has hindered widespread...

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How to maximise the potential of point cloud data

Deriving actionable data from point clouds is key — and automation is the answer

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How cloud-based registration could help you boost productivity by 80%

A leading survey company trialled our point cloud processing software — and the results speak for themselves

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