Point Cloud Mapping Software Features to Look for in 2021

It could be said there is a ‘point cloud boom’ going on at the moment — fuelled by developments in point cloud registration...

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Surveyors: Don't Look at Hardware to Solve Software Issues

For surveyors, times are changing fast, and with these changes come significant opportunities. One primary indicator of such...

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How to plan a 3D laser scanning survey

Creating a quality site plan is crucial for an efficient and accurate scanning process. As scanning becomes more widespread,...

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4 Ways To Use 3D LiDAR-Based SLAM Better

SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) is poised to be the next-big-thing in surveying. It will disrupt how surveyors...

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3 types of terrestrial laser scanners

According to a recent report from Future Market Insights, the market for 3D scanners is projected to increase fourfold in the...

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Future trends in laser scanner technology

Laser scanning is on a path to become more powerful, more useful, and more affordable — impacting a vast array of industries....

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How to improve construction workflows in 2021

Many sectors have seen the benefit of focusing on workflow: saving money and time while improving quality and compliance. With...

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How Surveyors Should Use 3D LiDAR-Based SLAM in 2021

SLAM is an evolving and exciting technology that will change how surveyors work and engage with projects. How? The answer is...

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What is SLAM? (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping)

SLAM is an evolving and exciting technology. Here, we are going to introduce you to the topic, explain new possibilities for...

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4 reasons we built Vercator around the cloud

We developed Vercator to transform point cloud processing. Our ambition has always been to create software that removes the...

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