Boost Revenue from your Registration Workflow

The world of surveying is undergoing a transformation. Gone are the days of isolated laser scan data collection and manual...

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Topics: automatic registration, processing software, Point Cloud Registration

Boost Productivity with Cloud-Based Point Cloud Registration

Point cloud data holds great potential for many applications in surveying and modelling. However, processing these point clouds,...

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Topics: automatic registration, LiDAR, Point Cloud Registration

Road Condition Monitoring:  Pothole Detection with AI

Roads & highways need to be maintained for safety and reliability for the traffic that use them. They represent important...

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Topics: geospatial, object recognition, geometry detection

Rail Gauging and Vegetation Management with AI from Point Clouds

Rail Vegetation Management & Maintenance

All railway and railroad infrastructure managers must be content that their railway...

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Topics: object recognition, LiDAR, Vercator

What Are the Most Popular Types of Point Cloud Processing Software?

There is a 'point cloud boom' going on at the moment, driven by developments in point cloud processing and registration software....

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Topics: processing software, point clouds, Vercator

How to Take Drone 3D Land Mapping to the Next Level

Mobile mapping systems are now the go-to technology for providing scan data for large-scale environments. Drone mapping is a...

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Topics: laser scanner, Vercator, land mapping

The Most Popular Laser Scanners for Creating Point Clouds

Point cloud scanners and reality capture are going through a renaissance. Stable and mature technology has contributed to an...

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Topics: laser scanner, point clouds, Vercator

4 Ways to Use 3D Reality Capture for Building Construction

When it comes to digitalisation within the construction industry, there have been few greater innovations in recent times than...

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Topics: bim, point clouds, Vercator

LiDAR Mapping Trends in 2021

LiDAR continues to evolve at an increasing rate. Advances are transforming reality capture best practices and expanding viable...

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Topics: processing software, Point Cloud Registration, Vercator

The Vercator Roadmap - Where We Started and Where We are Going

Laser scanners have transformed how 3D space is catalogued for real-world mapping and reality capture projects. Compared to...

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Topics: processing software, Point Cloud Registration, Vercator