4 LiDAR Applications in Civil Engineering

LiDAR is fast becoming a vital technology for civil engineering companies throughout the world. It’s proving crucial in...

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How Construction Technology is Impacting Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It has existed since the first human settlement and enabled...

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The Vercator Roadmap - Where We Started and Where We are Going

Laser scanners have transformed how 3D space is catalogued for real-world mapping and reality capture projects. Compared to...

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LiDAR Point Cloud Classification Trends in 2021

As point clouds move into the mainstream, there is a growing need to exploit their capability and share their outputs. The use...

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How and Why to Colourise Your Point Cloud

Point clouds are now embedded in design processes and workflows. Their accuracy and availability are the foundation for...

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How to Deploy 3D Reality Capture for Building Construction

Technology plays a significant role in managing, creating, and maintaining the built environment. While it’s understandable...

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Feature Extraction from Point Cloud Data

As reality capture technology advances, the number of viable applications increases. Surveyors are spending more time working...

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How to Automate LiDAR Data Classification

LiDAR applications have rapidly expanded across industries. In part, this has been enabled by advances in registration...

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How automation and robotics will impact construction in 2021

Look around — self-driving cars, self-cooking, home maintenance, security, and surveillance robots — you'd think robots were...

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Surveyors: Don't Look at Hardware to Solve Software Issues

For surveyors, times are changing fast, and with these changes come significant opportunities. One primary indicator of such...

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