How to Get Started with 3D SLAM as a Surveyor

SLAM is all set to be the next big thing in surveying. While it’s still early days, surveyors need to understand and...

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How to Deploy Wearable Reality Capture in Construction

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How automation in construction is driving growth in 2021

Construction is the biggest industry in the world. Yet, even outside of the economic downturn of 2020, it’s not performing...

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A 2021 SLAM Update For Surveyors

Indoor mapping at scale has for a long time been an unsolved problem. Static 3D laser scanning has come a long way — but it’s...

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5 ways the mining sector can increase laser scanning adoption

Mining in the 21st century relies on safety, efficiency and accuracy. The aim is always to cut costs and improve safety by...

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5 ways to get more from Vercator

When we created Vercator, we wanted to make a registration platform that was different. We wanted to improve point cloud...

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How to make a digital twin: the options, types and outputs

Digital twins appear to be everywhere nowadays — but how do you go about making them and are they all the same? Getting the...

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4 advanced strategies to automate BIM workflows

BIM is making headway. In the UK, 70% of projects now deploy BIM. A US study by Autodesk showed that 60% of project managers...

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5 unexpected places surveying technology is being deployed

Advances in point cloud registration algorithms (the application of vectors within a multi-stage process) have minimised the...

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BIM-to-field workflows

Using point clouds and robots to transform the construction industry

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