Boost Productivity with Cloud-Based Point Cloud Registration

Point cloud data holds great potential for many applications in surveying and modelling. However, processing these point clouds,...

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Topics: automatic registration, LiDAR, Point Cloud Registration

Road Condition Monitoring:  Pothole Detection with AI

Roads & highways need to be maintained for safety and reliability for the traffic that use them. They represent important...

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Topics: geospatial, object recognition, geometry detection

Using AI for Power Line Vegetation Management

Managing Electric Power Lines

Electricity is one of the big three components of energy production, along with transportation and...

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Topics: Case Studies, pointcloud, facility management

Case study: Omega Geomatics uncovers cost and time efficiencies

How OmegaGeo halved registration processing time with Vercator Cloud

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Topics: Case Studies, automatic registration, surveying

What are point clouds? Understanding how reality capture is stored and manipulated

Point clouds are a powerful way to represent a whole object, scene or structure. When colour information is added, the point...

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Topics: laser scanner, point clouds, cloud-based processing

The Future of Innovation in the Mining Industry

The latest mining technology trends show a compelling industry shift towards focusing on efficiency, cost savings and safety,...

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Topics: bim, Robotics, cloud-based processing

What Are the Most Popular Types of Point Cloud Processing Software?

There is a 'point cloud boom' going on at the moment, driven by developments in point cloud processing and registration software....

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Topics: processing software, point clouds, Vercator

Point Cloud Mapping Software Features to Look for in 2021

It could be said there is a ‘point cloud boom’ going on at the moment — fuelled by developments in point cloud registration...

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Topics: pointcloud, processing software, cloud-based processing