Road Condition Monitoring:  Pothole Detection with AI

Roads & highways need to be maintained for safety and reliability for the traffic that use them. They represent important...

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Topics: geospatial, object recognition, geometry detection

Case study: Omega Geomatics uncovers cost and time efficiencies

How OmegaGeo halved registration processing time with Vercator Cloud

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Topics: Case Studies, automatic registration, surveying

Using Sensor Fusion to Disrupt Land Surveying in 2022

Technology has already had a significant impact on land surveying, with the use of LiDAR being transformational. Software has...

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Topics: laser scanner, surveying, LiDAR

Technological Trends Driving Advances in the Mining Industry

Through automation, reality capture, and digitisation, advances in technology are fundamentally impacting the mining sector....

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Topics: surveying, surveyors, mining

How to Minimise Hazards in the Mining Industry

Mining has a reputation for being a hazardous industry with risks present at every turn. With 1.4 workers per 100 suffering from...

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Topics: surveying, reality capture, mining

How Mine Surveying is Changing an Industry

Technology is transforming the face of surveying, and in turn mine surveying is having a significant impact on the mining...

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Topics: surveying, workflow, mining

4 LiDAR Applications in Civil Engineering

LiDAR is fast becoming a vital technology for civil engineering companies throughout the world. It’s proving crucial in...

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Topics: processing software, surveying, LiDAR

Moving to the cloud: A step-by-step guide for surveyors

Not long ago, if you were a surveyor, you would have had to work hard to explain precisely why you would adopt cloud for...

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Topics: pointcloud, surveying, surveyors

2021 Trends in 3D Surveying and Reality Capture

Rapid technological advances have become normal in modern society. The tech-heavy world of 3D surveying is no exception. Advances...

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Topics: pointcloud, surveying, surveyors

How to Get Started with 3D SLAM as a Surveyor

SLAM is all set to be the next big thing in surveying. While it’s still early days, surveyors need to understand and incorporate...

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Topics: surveying, LiDAR, surveyors